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This week's guests (in order of appearance) are:

A Good Tumblr Post

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Let’s Check In On How Facebook Is Handling The Outbreak

Twitter user @agasramirez discovered an absolutely incredible Facebook Group called “A group where we all pretend to be ants in an ant colony,” which according to screenshots, appears to be exactly what it says it is:

For instance, here are the comments:

The group is sadly private, so I don’t have any more screenshots for you. But they do post the rules of the community publicly and they’re amazing. Particularly rules 4-8.

4. The Queen: The words “The Queen” must always be capitalized.

5. There shall be no antarchy: Or you will be removed immediately

6. Ant Names: Your Ant Name is just your name with Ant in front of it. Ex: Ant-Joe. Please only refer to each other by their Ant Names

7. No Sexually Explicit ContANT: We are a group of all ages, please be considerant when making your posts!

8. No human politics: We’re all just here to have fun, please keep human politics out of the group. At this time, we are removing all posts and comments regarding Covid-19

Honestly, these would be good community guidelines for any social network.

A Really Good Meme

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Another Really Good Meme

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Some Feet Drama In The Letterboxd Community

This Letterboxd review for Little Women is really lighting up the Letterboxd community right now. I have not seen the movie, nor have I — or will I — visit Florence Pugh’s Wikifeet page, but if this is true, it seems like it’s a pretty big error in the film. For what it’s worth, the film has 4.3 stars on Letterboxd currently and most of the normal people who use the site seem to really like the movie.

OK, One More Good Meme

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Anime YouTube Rises To Face The Pandemic

For those not in the know, SoapOpera46 is basically a prehistoric anime YouTuber. According to their bio, which was written when the channel was set-up in 2008.

kawaii bg by tomatohouses!!! Arigato!! ^w^ Nyaaaaaa I am Yoli-chan. ^__^ I luv kawaii things and more sugoi things nya. if ur kawaii, i luv u. if ur sugoi, be mi friend . ^___^ if ur not kawaii/sugoi or desu or u dont like my awsum animes, then u dont belong in japan n u can go away ^_^ btw, I'm 21 now. my brobro made the account n he put da b-day as his, but da yr diff. so ya nya. ^^

If you can read that, congratulations, you have brain damage. Basically, SoapOpera46 was a DeviantArt user and early YouTuber who made extremely rough cartoons on YouTube. After about 2 years of radio silence, SoapOpera46 has come back with a….uh…PSA about COVID-19.

I’ll be honest. I am not going to watch this video. I flat out refuse to spend minutes of the small and precious time I have on Earth watching a fanime video about the coronavirus. BUT! Luckily for me, I don’t have to. Tumblr user bunchan collected some choice screenshots that really tell us all we need to know about it.

Oh btw, I should probably say here that even though SoapOpera64 put their age as 21 in their bio when they started their channel in 2008, it was believed that they were probably closer to 30 at the time. Which would mean this video was made by someone in their early 40s. Have a good day!

Let’s Check In On How 4chan Is Doing

Ah, normal and well-adjusted as always, I see. I’m sure all of the replies to this were fine. (via @BitchAssBowie)

A Really Good Tweet

My Favorite Quarantine Thing

These videos are being made by BBC sports broadcaster Andrew Cotter. They are maybe the most delightful thing I’ve ever seen. Cotter mainly covers golf and rugby, but now that he’s sequestered at home, he’s turned his attention to much more important things. A few weeks ago, Cotter posted an update about Olive and Mabel.

“They have no idea what’s going on in the world or that they are being laughed at in many countries,” he wrote. “In fact they have little clue about anything at the best of times, but anyone who has a dog knows how important they are just now.”

Oh cool, I’m crying now.

Another Tumblr User Sees The Future

It seems like every few years, a Tumblr user seems to open up the Matrix code of reality through the power of sheer feral posting energy and accidentally predicts the future. My favorite example of this is shitpostradamus's “Upcoming Reactionary Movement Venn Diagram” or the “13chag Venn Diagram.

I actually had the luck of interviewing shitpostradamus last year. He told me that the big inspiration for the post was the creation of a blog called ‘My Nationalist Pony,’ a Tumblr user who fused 1488-style white nationalism with brony shit.

Well! It seems like it may have happened again. Check this post out:

The post was made in 2017, but it’s going around again for obvious reasons. As for why this sort of thing tends to happen more on Tumblr than Twitter or Facebook or any other platform, I have a few guesses.

  1. I think the fact Tumblr’s dashboard is largely unalgorithmic means that what people see is what people share, which has created a pretty free-wheeling content creation culture.

  2. Inside the dashboard, posts don’t have timestamps. This means that old posts travel with as much velocity as new ones.

  3. The dashboard combines likes and reblogs into one metric — notes — which gives an equal weight to stuff people like and stuff people share.

  4. And all of that added together creates a space extremely open to creativity. Even if about a third of the site is run by deranged stan armies. Most memes and trends I see on Twitter and TikTok, still, in 2020, tend to start on Tumblr.

It’s a perfect place to put your grim prophecies of our horrible future!

And Finally, A Good Cats Thing

P.S. here’s a really good art exhibit for turtles.

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