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Please, I Beg You, Do Not Wear Your Hentai Hazmat Suit To The Supermarket

Please, I Beg You, Do Not Wear Your Hentai Hazmat Suit To The Supermarket

Trailblazers: The First Two Men To Ever Do A Podcast

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This week's guests (in order of appearance) are:

A Good Tweet About The Before Time

An Incredible Piece Of Web Design

A Garbage Day reader named Matthew sent me this. It’s a truly incredible car dealership website run by someone (as you may have suspected) named Ling in the UK. If you click through, you’ll find that the website is mostly animated GIFs. In 2012, I came across a very similar website called — which is sadly gone now.

Speaking Of The UK, Let’s See How It’s Dealing With Quarantine

I Have A Spy Inside The Ant Facebook Group

OK, quick catch up here. There’s a Facebook Group called “A group where we all pretend to be ants in an ant colony,” where 1.7 million people are roleplaying being ants. I refuse to join the group, one, because it’s private and seems like a hassle, and two, I’m in too many terrible Facebook Groups already. Last week, I asked for spies to send me stuff from inside the group. Garbage Day reader Kádár sent me some screenshots.

According to Kádár, it’s probably a good thing I didn’t join the group, as it has gone off the rails pretty hard over the last few weeks. Here’s what he told me:

The number of commenters/comments are batshit insane. i saw posts less than an hour old with almost 12k comments. here's one from 8 hours ago that has 45k comments. it's wreaking havoc on my facebook timeline because if there is an "active" post people keep commenting and my timeline just scrolls by itself bc facebook is updating it in real time. browsing the group presents the same issue.

Honestly, this makes total sense to me. We’re all locked in quarantine and 1.7 million of us are fantasizing about being able to physically interact with one another by pretending to be ants working inside a colony. Works for me!

Oh, Also, The Ant Group Is Invading An The Road To El Dorado Fan Group

So not only has the ant group completely spun out of control, it looks like they’re also invading with other groups — specifically the The Road To El Dorado Goldposting” Group. Based on the screenshots I’ve seen going around Tumblr, it seems like the drama might have kicked off after some users wanted the ability to share sexy pics of cosplayers dressed like the character Chel? Honestly, not sure.

Based on other posts I’m seeing in the El Dorado group, though, I’m guessing this is not the first time they’ve been astroturfed by another Facebook shitposting community. I do not know the backstory behind this meme and, you know what, I’m better off NOT knowing.

Let’s See How Japan Is Dealing With Quarantine

4chan Users Are Having Vivid Quarantine Dreams Too

(via spencerthefredder)

I Found Out Where That Dancing Anime Girl Is From

In case anyone was really dying to learn where the dancing anime girl from last week’s oil prices graph video came from, an eagle-eyed Garbage Day reader has come through with the details!

Originally, I thought the girl in the video was doing a meme dance called the “Popotan dance,” which named for a Japanese erotic dating simulator it comes from. The dance is the one most typically associated with the Speedycake remix of the song “Caramelldansen” by Swedish music group Caramell — which is what’s playing in the oil prices video. I was wrong! According to reader Julius, the dance is the “Chika Dance” from an anime called Kaguya-sama: Love Is War.

Here’s a good YouTube comment I found below the video:

The AI Meme Generator Rules

You’ve probably seen these popping up all over Twitter in the last week or so. If you want to make your own, head over to imgflip. Really impressed with how a bunch of gibberish generated from a neural net actually reads exactly like the dadaist internet patois that millennials and zoomers communicate in. Or, in other words:

If you’re in the mood for even more AI-generated nonsense, check out the jukebox open AI.

Please, I Beg You, Do Not Wear Your Hentai Hazmat Suit To The Supermarket

I actually wanted to see if this was like a real thing you could buy. So I searched “ahegao” in Amazon, thus ruining my browsing history forever. Ahegao is a term in Japanese pornography for an exaggerated facial expression of characters during sex, rolling or crossed eyes, protruding tongue, or a slightly reddened face. That’s what this dude’s suit is covered in. I couldn’t find the one pictured above on Amazon, but I did find an ahegao balaclava, in case you’re looking for one...

P.S. here’s a really bad Facebook video. (It was sent to me by Alyssa. Thank you Alyssa! I hate this.)

***All typos in this email are on purpose actually***